About us

Talent74 is an educational platform dedicated to disseminating important knowledge on careers, small businesses, and other related topics. Here you will find important data that has been gathered by our expert staff in order to ensure that we give accurate and dependable information.

Talent74 is a local website for South Africans and people from all over the world who want to work or look for jobs in South Africa.

We’re dedicated to not just sharing career opportunities, but also giving them with free personal and business ideas throughout their careers. We are confident that the knowledge you obtain here will be of critical significance to you and others. Every piece of information presented here is based on extensive research from a variety of sources.

When did all of this begin? This website was created in February of 2022 when it was observed that most graduates are unable to acquire employment that are related to what they studied in university or college owing to a lack of experience.

What are we aiming for? Our goal is to provide professional open openings on a regular basis so that a larger number of people can see a list of possible opportunities and apply.

Our goal is to assist young people in discovering suitable employment opportunities.